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Unable to connect InfoSource to hierarchy datamart of referenced infoobject

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Hi everyone,

I have a base infoobject x containing hierarchies and another infoobject y which is referencing x. I declared y as an export datasource in order to forward hierarchy data to a infosource within the same BW system (oddly enough, the datamart of y has only the hierarchy datasource while x offers datasources for master data and texts as well).

Now once I try to connect the hierarchy datamart of Y to a 3.x infosource, I get told about a compatibility issue (from what I get it's that I could only connect to a direct update infosource). I was wondering if there is any way of achieving this anyways. I could also use DTP but would rather not, since I get scared off by the number of notes on DTP, and then again I could directly link the infoobject to my DSO (that's were the data is supposed to go eventually).

Any ideas on this?

Thanks, regards


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After trying out a couple of others things, I believe this problem comes down to one question:

How can I write a hierarchy(-table) to an ODS? I would very much like that someone else is able to somewhat follow what the path of the data is (for me, this would rule out having some bogus source of data and reading the actual data inside an update rule), plus I don't like reading and writing around without giving BW some "advance notice" (and hence cause locks or inconsistencies)