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unable to connect Diagnotics agent

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Hi All,

After system copy when we tried to connect the diagnostics agent using J2EE message server port 81xx it was failing because the P4 port details for 81xx points to another physical host.

http://solmanqas:8110/msgserver/text/logon link shows

version 1.0


J2EE sdmqas02a 50000 LB=1

J2EES sdmqas02a 50001 LB=1

P4 sdmqas02a 50004 LB=1

P4S sdmqas02a 50006 LB=1

P4HTTP sdmqas02a 50005 LB=1

sdmqas02a is wrong here, it should be solmanqas.

Where to change the details of the host sdmqas02a?

We successfully connected with a direct P4 connection 50004. But while attaching agent (Agent administration -> agents candidate -> select agent -> attach) it is using 81xx and then the P4 port, so it again failed and the agent did not started at all. We tried 2 clean restart but agent is not showing in Agent Administration link.

Please tell me where to change the details of the host sdmqas02a?



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Hi Rohan,

Check the [SMD agent WIKI page|], there you will be able to find how to connect the agent to the Solman system. Try to use the direct connection to the Solman System. Using this type of connection no SLD attachment is necessary, neither the link "Agent Candidates Management" needs to be used in the "Agent Administration".

Also, regarding the server name, check the [Diagnostic agent troubleshooting|] guide on page 29, check the command

changeservername of the smdsetup script, maybe it can help you.