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unable to connect CLI server using the btp cli tool

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I am at Step 6: Log in to your global account in the above tutorial.

I am using Trail account for completing this tutorial. I try to login to the CLI server using btp cli.

The command btp login --sso is not working as I am getting the below error message.

"We're sorry! Login via Single Sign-On is not supported for your global account.

Please return to the console and log in without the '--sso' parameter."

when I try to login without SSO, the CLI interface does not allow me to enter the password. The cursor doesnot respond when it asks for the password.

Is this step allowed for a trial account? Am I making any mistake?

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For me, it didn't work through the simple log in at first, but only sso. Through sso you don't need to enter a password, you have to be logged in to your btp trial account and confirm connection on the btp cli page that appears.