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Unable to change flow line while designing a business process in SAP Build Process Automation

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Hello All,

    I am currently designing a business process utilizing SAP Build Process Automation in my BTP Trial Tenant. I am defining a condition where I want a flow line to be changed. However, I am unable to select or edit a flow line. I am not sure, if its an issue with the editor. 

Please check the attached screenshot below and provide guidance.

Thanks and Regards,



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Hi @Abhijeet15 


The solution for this is  : 

Step 1 : As you can see in the process that by default after auto approval event it is directed to Approval form but in reality I want it to end the process. Click on the plus symbol 


Step 2 : choose the controls and events 


Step3 :  Click on Go to step


Step4 : Click on the step where the flow needs to go  in this case  I have selected end .


As you can see now the flow has been mapped to end step after auto approval.



Please let me know if this helps, I have tested this it skips the approval form and directly ends the process.

Thank you