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Unable to Activate DTP - Error; PSA/Table is not partitioned.

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Hi All,

We have a DTP as part of a process chain which runs successfully each night, except for last night.

I have tried to run it manually this morning however when I go into it, it is shown to be 'Revised' rather than Active. Therefore I am unable to to 'Execute' the DTP.

When I try to activate the DTP I get the following message

PSA table /BIC/B0001165000 is not partitioned

Message no. RS_PSA_DEP002

After some time, I eventually managed to activate and run the DTP. However it has failed giving the following messages;

- Exception CX_RS_FAILED logged

- Data structures were changed. Start transaction beforehand

I hope you can help as I need to load this data today,

Thanks very much,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Seen this one before when either the datasource or the transformation changes. But not always.

I always get it to work by simply activating both the datasource and the transformation and then the DTP.

Although, you may want to investigate why it was in the "Revised" status at all. Perhaps the infoprovider was changed which set the transformation and the DTP to inactive.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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I was able to correct this problem by deleting the table from the database with SE14 and then activating the DTP. 


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The DTP would be 'inactive' when there is a change in any of the associated objects i.e. Transformations, Info providers / data targets.

Check if any of the objects have been changes/modified. Has anything been transported to your production system ? Maybe DTP was not reactivated on the dev system and not included in the transport.