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Unable to activate alerts for Health Monitoring in Cloud ALM

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Hi All,


Has anyone faced this issue where your metrics are disabled in Helath monitoring and you cannot activate alert for a metric inspite of having Admin role for the use case?

I am not receiving any alerts in the monitoring app despite having some metrics in error. Please see the screenshot.

Thank you.


SAP Cloud ALM 

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Hi Tripti,

Thank you for submitting your question. The reason why the metrics are inactive is due to the role assignment for your user. I have tested this extensively and the metrics will only be un-editable when the role assigned is Health Monitoring Viewer, the role only allows to view health overview and metrics of cloud services.

The role Health Monitoring Administrator allows Create, edit, delete, and manage configuration settings, including the display of monitoring data. I have attached a screenshot for reference of the role required.

Once the role has been assigned and saved you will need to logout of the SAP Cloud ALM Tenant for the changes to take effect, then log back in and it should be worker fine.

Best Regards,



Thank you Ian for the response. I did check the roles my user have and I was missing Health monitoring Viewer role. I assigned the role but still the same problem. Ia hve attached the screenshot in the main question. I did logout and tried.

---I tried again and it worked--- Thank you Ian