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UI5 sap.ui.table multiselection cleared on filter


Hi UI5 experts,

I have an issue with the sap.ui.table when I'm filtering it. I am using the table in Multisection mode.
After selecting one or more rows, I want to apply the filter to the content of my table. If I do, the select boxes on the left side are getting cleared.

Example before filtering:

Example after filtering:

The sap.m.table is doing fine and keeping the selection:

after filtering:

You can see the same behaviour in the demo kit.

The ui.Table clears the checkboxes on filter event:

The m.TableSelectDialog which uses m.table works fine (use multiselect as example):

Is there any way to keep the selection in ui.table. I also don't find any event, which is called after the table is updatet completely. Then I would do that programmatically.

Unfortunetly I can't switch to m.table because I need a treetable which is just available in ui lib.

Best regards


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