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[UI5 BPM-Task 403 Forbidden] Combination BPM OData and UI5 Task produces error

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I have developed a UI5 task for a BPM process but there is a confused error: 403 Forbidden.

To the workflow:

  1. the BPM Task runs
  2. the token enters the UI5 task with no problems and the task is shown with data of process.
  3. then the user completes the task by pressing the button, the 403-Forbidden error is thrown

But why?

This link does not help. All roles are assigned to TaskProcessor role and this role to each user.

If the user has no permissions to work with data, the 403 would be thrown at beginning while entering.

But there is no error. In response, there is no "x-csrf-token" in header, so I add it manually by claiming.

Thanks for replies in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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BPM OData cannot handle anonymous types in output.

  • In Input, the OData Service can handle this kind of XSD types but it creates EDM with "::".
  • In Output, this "::" were translated in URIs and URIs cannot handle "::".

This throws an Exception and it is impossible to send data back to your BPM Process or you get a 403 Forbidden.

You can observe your network traffic in debugging tools of e. g. Firefox. There is a Request with result code 500. This Service throws the URI Error. In an correct way, this should be 200.

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