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UI Adaption Changes Working on First App Load Only

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I used the UI Adaption Editor to show the Excel export button in my freshly created Fiori Elements List Report [1]. The change is displayed just fine in the Web IDE preview.

After deployment to an on-premise ABAP repository, i made sure the changes file is present. On first application load, the change is displayed. However, after navigating to Launchpad home or another app and re-entering, the change is gone and my list report is displayed without any adaption.

Browser cache and UI2 caches are cleaned. Is this a known issue?

Running on S4 1709 SP 01/2018, SAP_UI 752 SP3


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jan Mattfeld,

You can check the below comments, someone has the same issue as yours and he resolved it after contacting SAP. He provided the solution as well.

The issue is at the BUILD process, if you directly deploy it then it works. But better use the solution provided in the comments.



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I think you are referring to this issue:

When skipping the build process by removing Gruntfile.js or changing it as described, the changes are not only bundled but also deployed as separate files. That solves my issue. The changes are now consistently applied!


module.exports = function (grunt) {
    "use strict";
    grunt.registerTask("default", [

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