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UDF to delay IDOC transfer

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I have gone through this link on the time delay . When trying to implement it isn't working

Please advise if I am missing something .

My scenario is IDOC to IDOC where on the receiver side I would need a delay of a minute.

public String TimeDelay(String Timevar, Container container) throws StreamTransformationException{






catch(InterruptedException ie)


return Timevar;


This delay udf is inserted to the top root node.

FIDCCP02 ----> Delay UDF -------> FIDCCP02

But on the receiver SAP system I get the IDOCS at the same time



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Hi All,

We have got this to work in our test area by following the instructions in the blog.

When trying it out with one or two messages, we can see the messages appearing in the Scheduled column of Message Monitor whilst the time delay is happening.

However, my concern with this is if we have many messages coming through at the same time (maybe 50+ at the same time), then won't there be an issue with the maximum number of mapping (?) threads that can be used at any one time? And, if so, wouldn't this impact the performance of SAP PI overall and could, therefore, impact other interface messages that may be processing at the same time?

So maybe there is a better way to delay the IDoc transfer where ccBPM isn't an option? I have heard we can use BPM but would that be over complicating the process?

Many Thanks,