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type pools

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can any one give me details about the type pools used while writting the code in extraction using function modules.



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Type pools are dictionary objects that allow you to define your own global types. If you want to use the types in a type pool for formal parameters,

you must declare the type pool in the TOP include of the function group under which which u ll hav ur function module. You can then enter the types in the Reference type field for formal parameters.

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se80 -> group functions -> rsa3 -> Includes -> LRSA3TOP

there you can find pools.

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you can post ur query in ABAP forums.. so, you will get more responces..

TYPE POOLS is an ABAP statement..

Declaring global data types and constants from a type group.

The TYPE-POOLS statement declares the data types and constants of type group tpool You can specify it in the global data declarations of an ABAP program or in the declaration section of a class or interface. The data types and constants of the type group are visible as of this statement in the current context.


If the declared type group tpool integrates a further type group with the TYPE-POOLS statement, its data types and constants are also declared.

,,Data types declared using type groups cover ABAP Dictionary data types of the same name.


Declaration of the predefined type group abap. By referring to the table type abap_func_parmbind_tab from the type group abap, the system declares an internal table parameter_tab for the dynamic parameter transfer to function modules.


DATA parameter_tab TYPE abap_func_parmbind_tab.