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Two Transformations

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For a Testing purpose I had the following scenario

Block 1

1) Receive step (Empno, Empname) Test_MI

2) Transformation ( Simple Transformation [Empno Concat Empno into Empno, Empname to Empname (Result)]

END Block 1

Block 2

3) Transformation (Result from previous step to New Output)

4) Send Step

Block 2

The above Test failed. The error was


Its looks like the The result from a Transformation can't be used inthe following transaction as in input???

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Answers (1)

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Knock, Knock , please help me.

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Just confirm that all the elements are process elements and not block elements.



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Thanks Bhavesh, I tried putting them In single block, placing them in two different blocks (With the same process elements) nothing worked.

Its a fundamental requirement one Transformation's output is Input to the next transformation. This is not working in XI.

Now I doubt whether xi can cabpable of handling this situation? Legends have any one tried the above scenario?

Please help me........

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Hi Mohini,

It will work for sure, I have done in one of my scenario and it works. I guess there is something wrong with the mapping or with the interface that is assigned. I know that you stuck with this for past 2 days. Lets solve this for sure. Please check the interface mapping if it is proper.

For testing do step by step..

Frist try to save the output of the first transformation in a file.

Then use that XML to test the secong mapping.



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Hi ,

<i>Block 2

3) Transformation (Result from previous step to New Output)</i>

Use different container element which is referring same abstract interface.I mean create two container elements in BPM which are pointing same message abstract interface.Use first one in first transformation and second one in second transformation.

Try this way...


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Thanks a lot Prakash and sekhar for your support. I will try it on Monday and will get back to you with the result.

Ir eally appreciate your Help.