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Two functionalities on the click of SAVE Button in the Planning Layout

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Dear all,

Please share your experience with me if you have had a similar requirement.

I have a Save button and a calculate button on a planning layout.Now the requirement is to include the functionality of the calculate Button in the SAVE button.

I have come accross a How-to Guide which talks about including a Global planning sequence after clicking a SAVE Button and Before executing the layout.

But how do i implement the same for including the functionality of another button (calculate) instead of the global planning sequence.

Your suggestions will be of great help to me.



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Answers (3)

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Hi Ramya

In my case i hv created a global planning sequence of the function and made it to execute after saving.

Chirag S

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Hi Ramaya,

If you would like to continue with your BSP Exit Class, then hope this would help you further!

In your Exit class create a variable (say lr_fun_cal) of referencing to your "Calculate" Function button! (Best would be to get reference one time in the LOAD method for the entire duration of your BSP-Session)

In the dispatch method check for the save Event and call the execute method of the function variable (lr_fun_cal).

Best regards!


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Hi Ramya,

you could try to use some javascript:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
  function SetC()
  'Set a cockie to save data on refresh
  document.cookie = "save=true";

  function CheckC()
  'Checks if data should be loaded

    var temp=document.cookie;
    if(temp.substr(pos+6,4) == "true")
      document.cookie = "save=wrong";

  'Calls Check function on load

<div style="position:absolute; top:0px; left:12px; width:140px">
<a href="#1" onclick="javascript:SetC();bspSubmit('Calculate');" class="sapBtnStd" OnMouseOver="javascript:window.status = 'Save Data'; return true;" title="">
<nobr>Save Project Data</nobr>

You need to create a FunctionButton calling your 'Calculate'-function with Visible=false.

Also the SaveButton has to be included in the Web Interface. But you should hide it with 2 HTML-components containing the beginning of HTML-comment ('<!') and the end of the comment ('>')

I hope, I could help.

Please ask if you need some more comments on the coding...

Best regards