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TTA for SAP integrated with SAP Cloud ALM

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Dear SAP Community,

Here are some questions about the usage of the Test automation Tool from Tricentis:

- I would like to know if there are already predefined (created) test scripts available in TTA, if well where can we find it? I already looked in TTA itself and I didn't find it...

- Can we use the Best practices from SAP and import it in TTA in order to automatically create the Test scripts from scratch ?

- If none of above do we always need to create a test script from scratch in TTA?

- Right that there are 5 Tricentis license in CALM, what are limitation on it?

Thank you in advance

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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There are not predefined test cases for Tricentis.
You can create reusable test steps, and they can be reused to create Automated  Tests.
This would mean you don't always have to start from scratch, but have predefined building blocks based on your test steps.

You can use SAP Processes or your custom processes to create Tests

These two links will be helpful 

This is a link to the USage right -

This is a link to a Webinar on Tricentis Presented by the Development Business owner for Test Management in SAP Cloud ALM. It will give you a great overview of the product and how it is used  in SAP Cloud ALM -


Paul Babier