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Trying to access HANA WebIDE returns "Internal server error", logs contain "UAA failed" errors

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we have an issue connecting to HANA WebIDE in a "SAP S/4HANA 2021 Fully-Activated Appliance". Trying to connect to WebIDE over browser is only returning "Internal server error", the same is happening when trying to open hana-cockpit or hana-cockpit-admin from XSA. Looking at the logs in the instance (as hdbadm) we're seeing the following error:

Could not authenticate with UAA: Could not obtain access token: request to UAA at https://<instance>:39032/uaa-security/oauth/token failed, error: Request to UAA failed: certificate has expired (connecting to <instance>:39032)

We tried the approach described in 2866031 however, when we try to run "XSA reset-certificate" we get "ERROR: Incomplete HANA environment. The following variables are missing: [SAP_RETRIEVAL_PATH, DIR_EXECUTABLE, DIR_INSTANCE, SAPSYSTEMNAME]".

How do we resolve the original issue of WebIDE not starting? Alternatively, can we fix the XSA "Incomplete HANA environment" error so we can use it to reset the certificate? How?

Link to the appliance:

Thank you in advance!


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are you sure xsa is active in the appliance?

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I can open the XSA API endpoint on port 39030, it shows Runtime and UAA are up and running. Is there something I can check on the OS level?

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Hi gardalic,

Regarding "Request to UAA failed: certificate has expired " error, could you please follow below SAP note to renew certificate and then try it again?
2937526 - "Internal Server Error" after logon HANA Cockpit/ Cockpit Admin

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