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Trusted Authentication in XI 3.1

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We are trying to configure Trusted Authentication and single sign-on for BO XI 3.1 on AIX with WebSphere 6.1 using HTTP headers or cookies to retrieve the user name. We cannot get this to work. We follow the steps in the Administrator's Guide (Chapter 4), but still cannot get it to work.

We receive the following message:

Account Information Not Recognized: The secLDAP security plugin is not enabled. Contact your system administrator for details. (FWB 00002)

The log file shows the following:


logger="com.crystaldecisions.sdk.plugin.authentication.ldap.internal.LDAPImpl" timestamp="1234210285961" level="ERROR" thread="WebContainer :1">

<log4j:message><![CDATA[LogonUser(): secldap not available]]



Could you please let me know how to find trusted.auth.user.param value and the steps required to configure trusted authentication in XI 3.1 using HTTP_header/cookies?

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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the LDAP error would normally indicate siteminder is still enabled in the web.xml, can you verify that it's set to false.

The user param in the case of http header or cookie is set external to Business Objects. Usually siteminder uses smuser but it could be anything depending on your front end authenticator.

Yuo may want to experiment with query_string 1st making the user param >>> user, then enter the infoview URL. http://servername:8080/InfoViewApp/logon/

If this works then ti will indicate the BO configuration was set properly



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"Account information not recognized.The secLDAP Security Plugin is not your system administrator for details."

I am getting an error page when i am try to access BO reports from Flex UI.

This BO reports should work in the same single sign on session with Flex UI as per the application developed.

Note: The same users when login directly login to BO get access..

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you may want to start a new thread as this one is over 5 years old. Are you using trusted authentication for access with these reports, via opendoc for example?

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yes we are used trusted authentication.

example means what?

no issue in SP3, we are facing the problem SP6 only.

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