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True form UTF-8 (single byte or multi byte) in HTTP posting

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When I am posting other lang. purchase orders (other than english) which have accents on top of their alphabets, these characters get garbled at the receiver side. But when I look at my XI trace I see the payload in perfect format. But when it is posted they are garbled.

The 3rd party receiver solution providers tell me its because I am posting a single byte UTF-8 format as against a multi-byte UTF-8 format. Where do u set UTF-8 to multi-byte or single byte? I think we do not have that option while setting the HTTP adapter? Is it any integration server config or in the adapter engine?

Has anyone come across this issue when dealing with other langs other than english??



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Hi Teresa,

You can test to send the XML-Mesage in "ISO-8859-1" encoding.

You Chance the encoding on XML Header:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

maybe this works.