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Troubleshooting Errors During Applying Support Packages

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Hello Gurus,

I am installing SAP Solution Manager EHP 1 on Redhat+Oracle.

For some special application, I have to apply the support package for 'SAP_AP' component.

I applyed the support package(SAPKNA7013) via SPAM.

But I met an error: 'Error stop '. (The screenshot Pic A:

I run 'SAINT'. I also met an error:


You can only use the display mode

Reason: OCS is locked by transaction SPAM

Process all the steps of the transaction SPAM until they are completed.


(The screenshot Pic B:

Now here below are my questions:

(1)I applyed support package for 'SAP_AP' component via SPAM. Am I right?

(2)How to distinguish SPAM and SAINT? To apply support package via SPAM and to apply plug-ins via SAINT, right?

(3)As the package 'SAPKNA7013' itself, Should I use SPAM or SAINT? How to distinguish?

(4)How to troubleshoot/solve the problem I described above? (Or you can see:

Sincerely appreciate your help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As far as i know Support packs and add-ons have lot of differences.

See support packs are Corrections of the errors in Application, i mean to say that SAP always release support packs to correct the errors in your system it's collections of OSS notes. it will reduce the error situations in your system.if your system is not up to the Support pack level then u will face lots of issues in application level.

Add-ons are used to establish the connection between R/3 system with any other backend systems like BW and CRM. Now the thing is plug-ins will have the contains 2 different type of of components.

1) Release of the Plugins e.g ST-PI have the release like ST-PI_2005_1_620 (for 620 systems) or ST-PI_2005_1_700 (for 700 systems) itself.

2) Support packages of ST-PI

for eg: you want to implement add-on ST_PI in to your newly installed system, that time you have to implement the add-on release first into your system by using SAINT transaction, in our case ST-PI_2005_1_620. once its done successfully then your system will have the add-on ready.

as i said above ST-PI will contains support packs as well like BASIS and ABAP etc... if you want to apply support packs eg:SAPKITLQI6 for the ST-PI add-on as per your requirement then u have to apply the Support packs of add-ons in SPAM.

If you want to change the Add-on release in your system then you have to perform the delta upgrade for the add-ons.

please go through with the below links.

and have a look on the add-ons delta upgrade notes as well so that you get complete picture about releases and support packages of add-ons. the below note for the different add-ons i am telling u for your knowledge, the below notes will talks about different add-ons.

Note 584854 - DDS, 473 Add-on installation w/ SAINT on R/3 Enterprise

816207-DDS, 500 Add-on installation w/ SAINT on ECC 5.0

Note 403063 - Add-On Delta Upgrade IS-PS-CA 4.63 (with SAINT)

Note 769623 - Installation/delta upgrade of ST-PI 2005_1_620

If you require any further information do let me know.


Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hello Saurabh,Srini,Ravi

Thank you very much. According to your indications, I've solved the problem.

I will post the solution here later.


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Hi Jason,

Can you please elaborate how you managed to resolve the issue so that a solution is available for others. Also kindly mark the question as answered.


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Please post the relevant import & action logs for the transport steps performed by you.


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Hi ,

If you are upgrading the component to a newer level eg : yuo have Virsa_HR at version 510 and you want to apply Virsa_HR 520 then you can use SAINT. Saint is used where you want to upgrade the Version.

SPAM is used to upgrade the Patch Level.


you are at SAP_AP version 700 and patch level 12 and you want to apply SAP_AP version 700 and patch 13 you should use SPAM.

Please provide mr the details of the logs and the phase you are stuck so that i can solve your Issue.

Thanks Rishi Abrol

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You can use SAINT to install any new Add on in your system and we can patch that new Add on using the SPAM Tcode.

You have to apply the SP -13 for SAP_AP using the SPAM only.

You can getting the error in SAINT because this particular SP is locked in SPAM.

If you want us to help, please post the error lines from import log of this SP.

With Regards,