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Trouble with Chinese characters not showing up in reports

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Total CR noob here; I am having trouble running a product called Epicor Web Access by Epicor software. It utilizes this product:

SAP Crystal Report Server 2011, OEM Edition, version least this is what shows up in Central Configuration Manager on the server the app is run from.

The main issue is that Chinese (double-byte) characters do not show up in fields defined as using a regular Arial font. I wouldn't really expect them to except that in Epicor's full product (GUI / Client-server-style Epicor client) the Chinese characters do show up in these fields. Obviously there is some type of mapping from Arial to Arial Unicode MS which happens behind the scenes in that "engine", for lack of a better term on the part of Mr. Noob.

I have contacted Epicor about this over and over again, trying to get someone to help. But they do not seem to have as good a grasp on Crystal Reports products as they have on their own ERP product.

Thanks for any advice on how to fix this via some type of upgrade or configuration. I could fix this the "brute force" way by modifying every form to use Arial Unicode MS, but I would rather not do this, man-hours being at somewhat of a premium.


Paul Fry

Operations Systems Manager, Codonics, Inc

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Hello Paul,

perhaps you might want to ask this question in the Space too, as the Crystal Reports experts usually watch that Space - so you might get an answer there sooner.

Best regards,


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Thanks, Laszlo. I'm gong to do that.