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Trouble using BPM

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Hi everybody,

I configured my scenario like this:

System A (File Sender) > BPM = first Receiver Determination

BPM > System B (File Sender) = second Receiver Determination

Interface Determination, Sender and Receiver Agreement were done as well.

When I triggered the process and checked in SXMB_MONI, only the first part of the process is done (processed successfully). It seems that the IS is not finding the second part and it is stopping in there.

Could someone help me?

Thanks in advance


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or scroll in SXMB_MONI horizontal. There is a link on <PE>. I guess there is a read flag?

Also sxi_cache: Check if returncode of your process = 0

Regards Mario

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Thanks for your answer Mario

In SXMB_MONI_BPE there is no monitoring for my process.

In SXMB_MONI/link on PE, a qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue) is showed empty: Nothing Selected.

Yes, my returncode is 0 in SXI_CACHE.

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Hi leonardo

Try to check the file adapter in the adapter framework.

you can see if there is any error when it writing the file in the target



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Hi Leonardo,

Second receiver determination not working means system has encountered some error in your BPM.

In sxmb_moni, for your entry, plz check for the 'PE' indicator somewhere in right hand side.

Click on the PE indicator, it should take you to your process. There you can see what steps have executed successfully and which step is in error.

But if you do not see the 'PE' indicator in sxmb_moni

then plz check the return code in sxi_cache Or check the transaction

SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING. It should have green status.



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Thanks for your answer Seema,

my BPM is very simple, just one Receiver and one Sender steps. When I checked it (F7), there is no erro message.

The PE indicator in transaction SXMB_MONI don´t link me with anything.

In transaction SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING the Maintain Runtime Enviroment node has two flags with erro: 1. Schedule Background Job For Missed Deadlines and 2. Schedule Background Job For Deadlines Monitoring.

Any clue?

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Thanks for your answer Noelia,

when you say "<i>Try to check the file adapter in the adapter framework</i>", do you mean in RWB?

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Hi Leonardo,

As u said that in SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING, there are 2 flags in error, this means there are some settings missed out while carrying post-installation of XI.

and if swf_xi_customizing is in error, then none of ur BPM scenarios should work.

are your other BPM scenarios working? u can check by doing some simple file-file scenario using BPM. if that's not working this means all the settings are not done during post-installation of XI.