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Triggering PO 7.4 interface based on a trigger file

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I have a requirement in such a way that many files of  .csv format are placed in an FTP Server. Once all the files are placed completely, a trigger file is placed of .txt format which intimates that the files are ready to be processed. As this is not scheduled on a daily basis, PO Interface has to be triggered based on the trigger file.

tried working through the below link.

The solution did not work as "Additional file(s)" check box is not available in PO 7.4.

Below images from SAP PO 7.4 and SAP 7.31.

can anyone please help me out and give a solution.

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Please see note 2300326 - New feature: Using Trigger File in File Adapter

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Don't let others define to you how to implement an integration.

Ask them :"what is the business process needed to be implement..."

From there you will check what is the sender system, its integration capabilities etc...

SAP PI is based on Messaging Integration Style.This means that the source data should be pushed to PI,should represent business unit of data\action,has the routing values to allow message routing.

If each file is a message ,representing a business transaction\activity, and you need to collect some file types\amount before triggering the process then ccBPM can be used.

Make sure it is a buisness process you try to reslove using the PI and not an integration challange.

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Hi Chandrakanth,

we had the same requirement to pick the .csv files only if .trg was there in the source directory for that I have created two ICO's

1st ICO

To check the existence of the trigger file and if trigger file exists it will start the actual sender channel

sender channel with *.trg and reciver HTTP channel which exteranally starts the actual sender channel which picks  all the files (all  .csv and .trg file )

2nd ICO:

ICO to transfer the files to the external/target system and to stop the polling of the file sender channel in delete mode once the trigger file is transmitted.

Create a sender channel which picks all the files and  two reciver channel one to send files to  the receiving system and another HTTP reciver channel which externally stops the actual sender channel.

check maintain order at run time.

Controlling a Communication Channel Externally - Process Integration Monitoring - SAP Library



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Hello Chandra,

Additional files option should be available in SAP PI 7.4 .

Specifying Additional Files in the Sender File Adapter - Advanced Adapter Engine - SAP Library

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Hi Chandra,

I guess this workaround you are trying to implement, has the objective of assuring that the file has been completely uploaded, before SAP PI reads the file.

The File Adapter has a specific property to avoid that kind of situation (Incomplete files being picked). This can be handled with the property:

- Msecs to Wait Before Modification Check

As is explained in the following post:

- Configuring the Sender File Adapter - Advanced Adapter Engine - SAP Library


This parameter is applicable only for the File adapter. If you enter a value in this field when configuring the sender FTP adapter, it will have no effect.

Best regards,


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Hi Chandra,

Additional files option is not available for FTP. It will only work with NFS. A solution would be to use NWBPM for your requirement.



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Hi Mark,

thanks for the reply,

Iam new to SAP PO,could you please provide any documentation or links regarding NWBPM guide.

thanks in advance,