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Trigger Skill Button gets disabled after user response

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Hello there,

many customers are unsatisfied with the feature which disables all Trigger Skill buttons in the conversation after sending an answer to the chatbot. This making especially the disambugiation skill less relevant! For example:

Imagine you aren't quite sure which skill to use after the Disambugiation and you try the first button. Then you aren't quite satisfied with the answer and want to check out the other option but you aren't able to.

For the Webchat implementation I tried to change the constant "disableButton" from 'true' to 'false', but then the chatbot stopped working properly.

Please change this feature to working Trigger Skill buttons, so our customers can continue their conversations as normal.
Thank you

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Hi Patrick,

thanks for your feedback and sorry the disambiguation feature does not satisfy your needs. The reason for this behavior is that the state of the conversation might have changed at the time the user clicks on a button if we would not disable them when a new message was sent. This would lead to inconsistent behavior of the chatbot as the bot developer might have certain expectations e.g. to the memory state when the "trigger skill" button is clicked.

We'll nevertheless potentially re-consider disabling the buttons for trigger skill actions when the bot developer passes parameters with it, which is something that is on the roadmap for later this year:;INNO=000D3ABE772D1EE...



Hi Jonas,

thank you for your prompt answer. I understand why it is difficult to make the "trigger skill" buttons clickable through the conversation, but I'm glad to see you are going to address this issue on your roadmap in Q3!

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@phuesch, I used to use "postback" for buttons so that users can use it again as it will trigger the expression and find the suitable intent and skill. "Trigger skill" is an option where we really don't want users to use the same button again in the same context.