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Trigger GP process by giving process URL in Interface View outbound plug

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My Requirement is,

I have 1 GP process implemented in webdynpro.

From 1 of my view I am calling the process completeion(executionContext.processingComplete();) code, written in interface controller.

After this code I need to start the same process once again, without clicking any link.

For this I have created 1 outbound plug in the interface view of my window(out blug for WebDynproCOInterfaceView with parameter "Url").

Then after calling executionContext.processingComplete();, I gave

wdThis.wdGetWebDynproCOInterfaceViewController().wdFirePlugGotoUrl("Process Instantiation URL"); in my view.

but it is giving error,"WDRuntimeException: Cannot navigate from view WebDynproCOInterfaceView via non-existent outbound "


Also I tried to start the gp process througn coding also

what I tried is,

IWDClientUser wdUser = WDClientUser.getCurrentUser();

IUser user1 = wdUser.getSAPUser();

IGPUserContext userContext = GPContextFactory.getContextManager().createUserContext(user1);

IGPProcess process = GPProcessFactory.getDesigntimeManager().getActiveTemplate("EB0B28E08B6011DB0145EB416E0",userContext);

EB0B28E08B6011DB0145EB416E0 is the process ID.

This code I have tried by giving before and after the completion of the previous process(process9executionContext.processingComplete();)

But this also didn't work..No error came. But process didn't start again after thecompleted once.

Please help me out.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Smitha,

Try using a Exit plug instead of Outbound plug. If I get the question right, this should solve your problem.

Thanks and regards,


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Hi Rupam,

thanks for the reply

I have given EXIT type of outbound plug only. But it won't work if the view is in portal.

When I tried to create the process using GP API the process is creating in Background. For me , after the completion of one process , automatically next should trigger and the corresponding view should be visible for the user.

Process is triggering using GP API but, the view is not visible to user.

Please help me



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Hi Smitha,

For your requirement you need to use portal navigation to navigate to the GP process instantiation iView instead of using navigation plugs. Refer the following blog on how to create the GP process instantiation iView:

[How To Present Your GP Processes To The End User|] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken];

Then from your web dynpro application use the portal navigation API to navigate to this iView. Refer the following blog for the portal navigation API:

[How To Open Running GP Processes from Web Dynpro Applications|] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken];

Use the following API to navigate to the iView:

WDPortalNavigation.navigateAbsolute("ROLES://portal_content/dipankar/java_sap_com_cafeugpuirt_com_sap_caf_eu_gp_ui_inst", WDPortalNavigationMode.SHOW_HEADERLESS_PORTAL, WDPortalNavigationHistoryMode.NO_DUPLICATIONS, "");

Hope this helps.



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Dear Dipankar ,

Sorry for this delay. Today Only, I could try your suggestion .

Anyway I'm really thankful to you.

It is working fine,. After completing one process, I am able to trigger a new process through coding and instantiation view is also coming correctly.

Thanks a lot



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