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Trigger external webservice without using ABAP Stack

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I'm using PI 7.31 with dual stack.

I want to trigger an external webservice from the PI system and map the response of the webservice to a text file and send it to a nonSAP system.

Is it possible to schedule a trigger mechanism for the syncronous webservice within the adapter engine.  (i.e not using any kind of proxy or some Z program scheduled within sm37 on the ABAP stack)

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One apporch you can use  trigger the web service through file channel and use Async -Sync  bridge module to handle the response to transfer to the another file channel



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Hi Gagandeep

Yep thanks for the quick answer. It was really helpful.

So If I create a xml file containing my parameters send to the webservice and set the poll interval to a desired value and not delete the file afterwards I can trigger the scenario in a scheduled way.