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Trick BW into delta

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Hi all,

I have loaded in full from one ODS into another instead of running an initialization.

As this full (initial) load takes a whole weekend to run, I would like to trick the BW system into accepting delta's from now on. Is this possible?

Update: I think there are two options:

- initialize without data transfer (what does this do?)

- create a new init (based on changed on and created on date --> both fields available) Is it possible to make an or selection in the infopackage?

thanks for the answers,


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let me explain the options you have presented:

- if you initialise without data transfer at this point, the system sends a delta marker (of sorts) telling the target ODS that you want to collect the deltas, but have no need for the actual init delta loading. you'll have to do something about the full upload you've done though, since a full upload won't co-exist with an init delta (and vice versa). run program RSSM_SET_REPAIR_FULL_FLAG (via SE38, as described in SAP Note 689964) to convert your full update into a repair full request. after you init delta, you should be able to capture any change to any data that you have loaded in already.

- if you trigger an init delta update with a date range, that's fine, but any changes to the full update won't be tracked by the delta anymore. you will have to contend with the problem with co-existence anyway though.

i don't quite understand the exact nature of your problem, but i think you'd be better off doing option 1. make sure that there are no transactions in your 1st ODS between the init w/o data transfer and the full update okay?

you could check the thread i had on a similar problem here:


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Thanks Guys,

The note did the trick...


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Hello Ryan

I have few doubts regarding your post.

you mentioned that you have a turn the full request into a repair request manually. do we do this becuase of the coexistance prob of full update and init?

why do we have the co exist prob? I think we have 2 infopackages right for full and init/?

or do we do this to get delta pertaining to data that was already loaded?

in any case what does a repair request do?

please clarify