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TRex Stopwords

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I tried to activate the stopword list in the TRex 6.0. I didn't found any place to activate the service or any documentation. I tested with the search iView, if I can search for the words, which are notices in the stopwords.txt-file. But the search engine ignored any changes of the stopword list.

Can anybody help me?

Regards, Gerhard

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Gerhard,

the TREX index server consists of

- the full text search engine

- the attribute engine

- the text mining engine

As TREX' strategy is to be able to retrieve even long exact quotes the actual full text search index cannot exclude any words or terms from the index. Try e.g. to go to and search for "all standard Web development and design environments" (including the quotation marks). If "all" and "and" were stopwords you might not be able to receive this exact quote.

=> Stop Words are not taken into account for simple search.

The stop word list in TREX only influences the text mining engine, which is responsible for:

- Similarity searches ("See also")

- Automatically extracted keywords (feature extraction)

- Similar terms

- example-based classification

If a list from the stop word list does appear in either of those, it's a bug. Then please write a support message to SAP.

That stopwords can be found by simple search is not a bug...that's a feature )



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Hi Karsten,

are there any changes by now?

We need a stopword list where we as administrators can define words where a user is not allowed to find anything under one repository.

E.g. Bomb may not be found (Mainly needed for research and development documents.)


Rebecca Ott

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Sorry, Rebecca,

no changes...

What you could do:

Evaluate the topic map extension of TREX, if it could be used to eliminate words from a query.

Otherwise, you could write your own Python extension that does that with every query.



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Thanks Karsten.

We will try this...

Regards Rebecca

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