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TRex index_service

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I do have the following question:

I have to Portal servers and want to use the same TREX for these to Portal instances.

Do I have to create a TREX administration user for each system if I use the TREX server for 2 systems ?

Or can I share one TREX administration user for 2 systems ?

I would assume, that I need the index_server for every system.

Is that correct?

Thank you

Best regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Birgit,

You can use the same TREX server for two different portals. There is no need of two trex administrators. In both the servers, under trex services in visual administrator you need to give the address and port of the trex server. It means the trex server now points to both the portal server.

Now you need to create two different indexes for both the portal servers. It all depends upon the size of the data source you are indexing and the trex server capcity as because the indices are stored in server.


Ganesh N

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