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TREX 7.1 Post confuguration steps

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I have installed TREX 7.1 (Standalone – Single Host) and it is connected to R/3 system using RFC (no HTTP). I have few questions, could any one please suggest me.

Basically all documents stored in R/3, after I ran python script index and queue automatically generated with name "abc".

How to rename "abc", is it ok to rename?

Also I heard that after python script it should generate snapshot directory...but in my case it is not generated? Shall I need to create that manually?

I want to create new index, but I would like to know creating new index causing any issue?

I did following post installation steps. Please suggest me, if I need perform any other post config steps?

1. Setup RFC Connection between trexadmin to R/3

2. Language setup

3. Register into SLD

4. Proxy setup

5. Operating system performance settings

6. start & stop trex instance, services.

Please let me know, if I need to perform any other steps.

Shall I need to perform SES ?



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