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Trend monitoring into universe

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Someone have build the 4 tables for trending monitoring in BO 4.0

So far, I have this but I miss the good relation for dataid column or probably some other mistake !

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In BI4.1 there is a universe supplied with the installation.  The table joins look like this:

In the Administrator's Guide for BI4.1, there is an appendix on the Monitoring Database Schema.  That should provide you with some assistance also.

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Hello John,

   it's where I start   But this is only the beginning. Now, you have to understand it.

There is CUID which you need to link.

There is more then one context.  Like other Metadata table.

There is some bug too.  I am in the process to understand it.

You also will have to create derived table because there is multiple meaning for same solumn

In summary, a place for a blog

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Let say you have metric "Server running state", this metric is avaliable in all services (Webi processing, ADS, connection server etc...)  How did you know which services with relation provided ? Is it with CUID ?

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I haven't had a chance to start looking at this.  I just know where some of the documentation is.  Sorry I can't be of more help.

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I appreciate, I open a SAP ticket, I need answer. And I will find...

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I got an answer from SAP for the question about CUID.  Hope it can help some other people

This is the answer from SAP, I erase my question...


To simply answer your question on which service (i.e. WebI, ADS,
connection server, etc.) a metric belongs to (i.e. Server Running
State), you can determine the SI_CUID of the service by looking at the
CUID column of the TREND_DETAILS table. You won't be able to tell the
SI_NAME of the service from the Trend database however. In terms of
tools you can use to look into the Trend database, if you have using
the embedded Derby database, you can use RazorSQL's Derby browser
found ere:

If you have used Query Builder before, you can run the below query to
find the name of the service once you have the CUID value of the


I hope that has answered your question.

1. You are correct, you cannot run Query Builder (SDK) queries in a

Universe. As you already guessed, yes this could most likely be

accomplished with SDK script. The SI_NAME is stored inside a BLOB in

the CMS database so will not be able to extract without the help of

the SDK. This would be outside the scope of support as well. What I

can imagine will be another way of doing it as a starter step, is that

you gather all the unique CUID from the TREND_DETAILS table, use the

SDK to query all the CUIDs to get their respective SI_NAME, then

create a new table in your Auditing database to store this

information. Of course, management of this new table would be another


2. It really does not matter if you use the embedded Derby or Auditing

database for storing the Trend data, they will have the same table

structure and data. So you would not be able to find SI_NAME in the

Trend data (reason is above).

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BO 4.1 have this model !  What I can understand so far is the table MOT_TREND_DETAIL are use for multiple purpose.  For Metric, for Probes, For watch, then you have to link to MOT_TREND_DATAto get information from metric or watch.

But how to link Watch to metric...