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Tree structure

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Hi Gurus,

I started learning BSP. I want to display data in a tree structure, and if I click on one of the nodes, sub nodes are to be displayed. And if I click on the subnodes, the corresponding data is to be displayed in the tabstrip.

This is the actual task I was assigned.

In this, I created a tree structure using tview2, I am getting the main nodes, but I am not getting the subnodes. How to get these? And if I click on subnode, how can I display the data in the tabstrip.

Please help me on this.....



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I have to display a report in the tree structure.


Root Node------>Node....




The report goes like this...Is there any way to implement the same. I have to display the report in ALV.

I have to implement the same but in abap...and the report is interactive.Can you suggest me some way?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Satish,

maybe there are some errors in the attributes of your tree structure.

I don't have access to my system right now, but I recall some attributes like PARENTID, CHILDID, TLEVEL and some STATUS field.

CHILDID is the ID for the tree node itself.

PARENTID is of course the ID of its parent.

TLEVEL stands for the level of the node (starting with 1).

And Status decides whether the node is to be displayed or not (or if its children are shown).

Now, I can't check this at the moment, but use this as a first help for you problem.


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Hi there,

Have you looked at the BSP application SBSPEXT_HTMLB in transaction SE80?

If not you should check there first, there are some very good examples inside.

Then maybe check out this weblog: /people/durairaj.athavanraja/blog/2004/11/21/bsphow-to-build-performance-efficient-dynamic-htmlbtree