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Tree Example in WebDynpro Documentation has erros?

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I try to figure out how a tree works and started to build the example from the documentation.

I wonder how this example could ever been working? I have NetWeaver 6.40 SP12 plus NWDS 6.40 SP12.

Short example from documentation:

IPrivateNonRecursiveTree.ICustomerElement customer = customerNode.createCustomerElement();

       customer.setId("Customer No:" + i);

       IPrivateNonRecursiveTree.IOrderNode orderNode = customer.nodeOrder();

When I try to insert that part of code I get an error at:


I can do:


They try to get a node from an element, that is not supported at least in my NWDS?! Is there something new or no longer supported?

I would at least assume that all pieces of code are tested at least once. It is not the first time I found obvious errors in example source code. That is not an appropriate level of quality of documentation.

Best regards,


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Set singleton=false for the node "Customer".


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Okay I had to set singleton = false for all non root value nodes and now its running

Thank you Armin.

I would suggest to add this to documentation.