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Travel Expense WS20000040 or WS20000050

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Hi All

I am implemeting Travel Expense

This is the process flow

Employee enters and submits claim

Manager checks and approves it

Finance checks the recipts and posts it

I find that WS20000040 or WS20000050 is suitable for this.

i am not able to go past the approval step

I have activated the workflows (event linkages)

rules are set to default (superior) and index generated

If i only activate WS20000040 the workflow is not getting triggered when i see in SWIA tcode

If i activate WS20000050 it fails saying it is unable to determine agent

Please let me know why

a. WS20000040 is not getting triggered at all

b. What might be the reason why its failing on Agent assignment

Whats the workflow i need to choose

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For Workflow Template WS20000040

  • If you are starting the workflow by using a event CREATED check in the basic data of the workflow template under the Start Events tab whether it is activated or not.

  • Secondly check goto basic data of the workflow template and click SHIFT+ F9 and check whether did you made the agent assigment as General Task.

  • Have you assigned any value to the Expression ,for the step CHECK TRIP FACTS

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thanks for the reply

I deactivated the event linkage of all workflows and activated just WS20000040.

I created a trip using TCode = TRIP

I create a claim using TCode = PR05

But in SWIA there is no Work items that is getting created

Please advice

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check in SWEL if you are getting any event when submiting the trip

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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What are the values that you are passing to the rule parameters

I mean




try to give valid values to it and try. Instead of executing the workflow directly first execute the FM

SWX_GET_MANAGER from SE37 and try to debug it by clicking CTRL+F7 and set values to the above three values and check that whether the Rule is returning any value or not

then if it is not returning any value check the Organizational structure and consult Functional Guy

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Since WS20000050 is getting triggered and there is not much difference between the workflows WS20000040 and WS20000050, i am going with WS20000050

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WS20000040 - Is trip approval workflow whereas

WS20000050 - is travel request approval workflow.

Based on business requirement you may want to decide which one you want to use..



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I think the linkage is not activated.You can activate the linkage through SWETYPV tcode.