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Hi Gurus

We have developed Generic extractor based on view and created ODS as a data target which will feed Multiprovider subsequently. Now we are using BW 3.5 and I have been asked to do transport of all the development activity so would you pl tell me what all I need to transport?

If I will transport ODS before data flow will it trasnport everything including replication,transfer rule and update rules?

What I need to give as a grouping option when I transport MP?

Pl help and if possible give me the steps , I know the process but I need to understand what all I need to transport so I will not forget anything in BWD and can transport all my efforts in BWQ.

Pl help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Krishana,

Depending on where you created your generic extractor (presumably in the R/3 system?), you will need to transport your objects on the R/3 side first.

You should now collect all objects in dataflow before, carefully examining all the objects under the request. Yes, this will pick up your ODS, replication, transfer rule and update rules! I would release this transport first.

Caution: In my 4 years of experience, I have had issues with BW doing a thorough job of picking up all objects. The transport connection tool will not pick up objects that were changed in the development system, and later deleted from a transport (this will generate a RC08 upon import to you subsequent systems). BW has no way of knowing that these objects changed. You will also need to inspect to see if the changes have been captured by somebody else in another transport (you will see this in the transport organizer tool after you collect your objects).

Now for your MP, it is OK to change your collection mode to only necessary objects and transport in a separate #.

I hope this Helps!

Best Regards,

Alex N.

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Thanks Alex

So I will transport the defination of view which I have created on R/3 side along with datasource ( everything in one transport request) and on BW side I will transport ODS with data flow before as a collection mode.Am I right?

Will it transport the replication also? Ddo I need to do check mark anywhere when I will transport the ODS ( in the transport organisor , I will be having lots of objects below ODS ) or I just have to select data flow before option and it will transport the required work?

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Alex / Ajay

Would you pl tell me when I will do the transport , do I need to do check mark for the objects which I need to transport? I am having all the objects below ODS in transport organisor tool so shall I go ahead?

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To your first message, yes you are correct. R/3 transports first, ODS plus data flow before. I would search for the "replica" in the transport list to be sure your replication is marked for transport. Another option is to just replicate your datasource in the BWQ/P systems before you import your BWQ/P transport.

By default the transports that you need will come pre-checked (marked for transport). Some will be 'grayed' out which means they are being transported for the first time (these are the ones that are in $tmp dev class). Others will give you the option to 'uncheck'. These are the ones that the transport connection tool identified as 'changed' from the previous time it transported. And some it will allow you to add a check. These are the items which it sees in data flow before, with no change to what is in your Q/P systems. (note: you will have the option here if datasource replica needs to be checked.)

Furthermore, using transaction SE01/SE10, you can inspect the content of your transport before you release it. If you suspect you are missing something, you can always add to it, but it must remain in an unrelease status for you to do this.

Hope this answers your questions. Please don't forget to assign points if you found this helped you.



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Thanks alot Alex

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I am little bit confused now

When I select ODS and brought it to right hand side there is no check mark in any of the field. When I tried to transport them by checking all of them , its transporting some other objects and datsources also.

Would anybody pl tell me how can I transport only ODS and related transfer rule and replication ?

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Please ensure your collection mode is "Automatic". Also, please scroll to the right and look for a "Transport Request" column. Do you see a transport # listed in your collections?

In the Hierarchy display (option you have before you collect), if you 'check' the higher node, all objects under that node will be 'checked'. It may help you to select display type 'List'. This organizes your work under their logical working categories.

Finally, would you please tell me what the 'Package' column in the far right reads?

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