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Transports Process Chain - inactive state

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Hello BW Gurus,

Experiencing issues around Process Chains transports (BW 3.5,SP10) becomming inactive state. Its active and works fine Development, however after Transporting we have to activate it in QA, even though the Server names are same. We have to activate individual chains as well as the Meta chains inorder to run it successfully.

Is there a note or solution to this issue!

Thank you and appreciate your help.


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Answers (2)

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From <b></b>

The key (name) of the source system-dependant objects in the target system differs from the key for the object in the original system. This means the meta information cannot be imported in the same version as it exists in the original system (A or M version). In the event, there could be other objects in the target system that have the same key as the object in the original system. Therefore source system-dependant objects are imported in their own version, the T (transport) version.

for more details go through the link

Transport and Delivery of Source System-Dependant Objects

Transport-Relevant Metadata Object Types :



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Hi VJ,

I did not find any notes on this though I too have faced this problem. Did you remove anything from the request in Dev box before transporting. There is an entry created in the RS** table which gets atached to the request. Perhaps that was removed before you transported.

Hope this helps.



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