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Transporting Queries

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Hello Friends,

I am facing a couple of issues on Query.

1.We created Queries directly in Production. I was wondering if we can export the queries to Development box and then import it back to Q and then to Prod. If we can could somebody give some input on how to do it.

2. We have created some queries in D but no test data available in D. We transported them to Q tested and moved to P. In P we did some modifications for the queries. So how can we do the modifications in D and Q. Please give your inputs.



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You can transport the Query from P to D.

first capture the Query in a transport.

next, ask your Basis guy to import the request to D.

Then you can create another request in D that you can then use to transport from D->Q->P.


you can either do the modification manually in D

and then retransport from D->Q->P or you can follow

the 1. option.

in generall it is allways best to make changes in D

and then transport thru the landscape.



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There is also the option of export/import objects

from the Transport Connection but I am not sure

how reliable it is.


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Sometimes being able to create in PW offers advantages.

What you could consider is having a naming convention in PW for queries you develop there that is different than what you would transport thru the landscape. Then if you decide it is what you want, you could recreate in DW, or have transported to DW as Edan mentions and then copy it to another query per your production naming convention, or a third option (I haven't used it) look into the XML export - which would let you export the query form PW and import in DW.

Sooner or latter you'll get yourself in trouble if you develop queries in PW that follow the same naming convention as those you transport thru.

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hi this is anil,

how can u copy the queries from production to development and to quality servers

using any other bw utility tools.