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Transporting KM folder contents

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Hello All,

I have my QA and DEV portals in the US, and the production is being set-up in Europe.

How do I effectively transport the contents of the KM folders:

-Documents: XML forms


-Service Permissions, etc...

Thank you in advance for your responses.


P.S.: I'd appreciate if I could get a step-by-step guide.

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Hi Collins,

To transport you have to create a package and then import:

From dev system logon in portal:

System Administrator-Transport-Portal Content-Choose your folders and using context menu select new->Transport Package

Then you choose your objects and by mean context menu you press "Add object to transport package".

Once you save all your objects in your transport package, you import this package in producction system.

Related permissions, you have to set again, it is not transportable.

If you create forms using form builder you can find them in this directory


you can see a directory by form, copy each one of these directories in your produccion system.

This link help you: practice for transporting sap netweaver portal content.pdf

Article Summary This article describes a solution for transporting SAP NW Portal content in a controlled and efficient manner from a development portal to the production environment. The design of a transport process is based on file transfer procedures, which are enhanced by KM functionality. The implementation is related to a HowTo Guide” How To transport EP 6.0 content”, which can be found in SDN or SAP Service Market Place at alias /nw-howtoguides > Portal.


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Hello Patricio,

Thanks a lot. I really dont understand how to retrieve the xml forms created the way you explained. Please could you give some more explanation about this.

Furthermore, the Actions> Export/Import iView

Content Mgt> CM Repository Managers, how does the transport mechanism work in this case?

Thanks again,


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Hi Collins, hi Patricio,

Patricio misunderstood the question, his hints have been into the direction of "PCD" content transports - whereas Collins asked for KM object transportation...

> the Actions> Export/Import iView

> Content Mgt> CM Repository Managers,

> how does the transport mechanism work in this case?

This is only transporting the KM configurations, see for details

For KM content transport, see and the links given there.

As of SPS15 (or later, haven't seen it until now, but it's promised for the future), a real KM transport will be provided, without the shortcomings of ICE.

Hope it helps