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Transportation issue?

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We are migrating some of the OSS notes.But while transporting to Production some of the notes got bounced.

Here is tranportation log.Please take look at the issue and help me to resolve.

Program SAPLRSS2, Include LRSS2UXX: Syntax error in line 000033

Message no. PU163


Program SAPLRSS2 has a syntax error in line 000033 of INCLUDE program LRSS2UXX. The error text is displayed in a log line.

System Response

The specified program is not executed.


1. If the log line with the error text is not yet visible, expand the log with Expand or Expand all.

2. To analyze the error in more detail, check the program in transaction SE38 with the function Program -> Check. The faulty part of the program is displayed in the program editor.


A program may be faulty in the transport target system, despite functioning correctly in the source system. The reason for this is the different environment (missing or different INCLUDE programs or Data Dictionary objects) that the program encounters in the target system).

Check whether the error can be corrected by transporting dependent objects.

Points will be definitely assigned.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The log clearly says, there is syntax error in SAP standard program because of some objects are not imported successfully or not in active state.

The reason could be

- The sequence of transports may not be correct

Pls check your transport order and reimport the transport requests.


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But I checked the function module it is syntactically correct.Suggest me any alternative ways?

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Thanks I could resolve on my own.

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How do you resolve this error.