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transport workset to EP quality portal

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Dear All,

I need to transport the workset to the quality system..please guide..i have gone through the How to transport EP 6.0 content but not able to get clear idea.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sameer,

The workset is a PCD object and we cannot transport directly PCD objects between portal systems. We take help of Transport packages (TP) in doing this. Add PCD objects to TP and then move between systems.

In sytem admin tab we have "transports"

under which we can export n import.

Once we export we can import to any other system.

This wiki will give complete steps []

Please check this link

Hope this is helpful.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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hi Samir,

As mentioned above, you can use transport packages to transport your worksets.

In your PCD, its helpful to create first a folder call "transport", so that you can use that folder to create all your transport packages.

Then go to System Administration/transport packages (detail navigation)/Export.

1) Drill down to the folder you created (like "transport"). Then right click the folder, select "New" and "Transport Packages". 2) Once transport package is created, its empty. So you will have to add the workset you want to transport into the transport package.

3) Drill down the PCD structure till you find the workset and the roght click and select "Add object to transport package". The object will then appear in your transport package.

Once you have all the workset ready, click on the "Export". Export the epa file into your local drive. This file will contain all your workset.

Then logon to your quality system and navigate to the same path for transport packages. This time, select "import" and then navigate the path where you have your epa file in local and then import.

Oh.. one important point, make sure that the folder you created for "transport" is identical between your Source (Test) Portal and your Target (Quality) Portal.

Thats it !!

Hope that helps.