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Transport to 2 systems simultaneously??

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Hi Guys,

Have a query. We run a 5 system landscape. the two extra are sandbox and support. Support is just a replica of PRD. Is it possible that I can push my transports from the Quality to PRD as well as Support system??Is it possible to transport to 2 systems simultaneously??Firstly is it possible or not??Secondly, if it is possible, then is there any 3rd party tool for it or has anyone of you done something like this.

Appreciate your help.


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Answers (2)

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yes it's possible.

You create a consolidation route from Dev to Qua ,you need to specify the client also here.

create a delivery route from Qua to your PRD and support systems.

whenenver CR is approved in Qua it will appear in the queue of both PRD and Support.

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Hi Vish,

Yes it is possible.

No you don't have to use a 3. party tool.

SAP transport system (STMS) can do that.

Try look after "transport groups" in the online documentation.