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Transport SHEMA in STMS

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Hello to all,

We have 2 sites that will have 2 different production servers and we want to centralize developpements and creation of transports requests in only one developpement system but customer want to have 2 Quality system can we configure shema transport with one Developpement system, 2 QA systems and 2 PRD systems in only one Domain ?

Thanks in adavance for your help.

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Answers (2)

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Hello Zied,

yes this is possible. Complemeting what Marcin said above, please check the following link:

It explains how you can setup multiple routes on your TMS landscape, all within one transport group (meaning one /usr/sap/trans directory).

You can even detail the transport routes for cust/workbench requests, client-specific ones x cross-client ones, etc, using the Extended Transport Control feature. See the following link:

I hope this information helps.

Best regards,

Tomas Black

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At first I have to say that in this area I have mainly teoretical expierence, so please don't treat my answer as 100% sure.

As to your question, I think it is possible. You'll have 2 transport routes 1 to each Q-system.

For repository objects you'll have to have 2 packages "types" with different transport route.

As for customization I think that you'll need two mandants and for each of them set other standard transport layer.

With these settings it should work.

Best regards

Marcin Cholewczuk