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Transport request , copy from one client to other client.

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I have development server, (HP-UX, oracle 9.2, sap 4.7), I have two clients.

One is 100 (dev) 101 (qua), 101 is newly created client. i copied transport request from 100 to 101 for testing, through scc1 (with including all sub tasks).

But my consultants are reporting that, request changes are partially applied .

Please let me know, what I need to check from my end….?

Is any operation is remain from my side….. ? , Is any setting is to be done ?



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Hi Swati,

Have you checked the log. Was it transported sucessfully?

if yes then nothing has gone wrong from your side.

Tell the consultant to create the request once again taking into account that they have included all their changes in it and transport it once again. If still they have the problem then chances are that there is some other way to transport the changes. or they manually have to make changes in the target system.

With my experience, I have found that some time some text fields do not get transported into the target system and they manually have to do the changes into target system. Sometimes we hve to open the client for that temporarily.

I wish I could give you an example... But right now I can't give you exactly.

But what I will suggest you is we can just help them to find the alternate solution.

Confirm if solved.



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