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Transport Management system

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Considering the Development and Test servers in India

and Production server in an Other place (Say USA),how

could i set the same transport domain and transport route

for all these 3 systems?

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create a VPN and share drives

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Hi Barry Neaves

Thanks for your reply.Taking My example could u please tell me how the domain of the production server will look like?(i.e considering Domain of Transport Domain conroller i.e sysem DEV as Domain_DEV)

How could domain of PRD system at USA would look like using VPN connectivity?

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The VPN will create a "ring fence" around your different locations - and secure everything in between(?!).

Depending on which Operating system you are using, you need to either NFS mount the shared drive or Windows Share.

it would be shared as: /usr/sap/trans

It is recommended that you use the Highly Available System as Domain Controller. Production!

I feel the question is still abit vague, and for me to answer it categorically I need more information.

It may depend on which VPN you choose, your operating system and your versions of SAP.

We use the CISCO Systems VPN Client between out client departments. Admittedly, we are all in the same Country, but not all in same town.

you may have\usr\sap\trans


etc, but it's just like using an extended WAN.

You may need to speak to your network guys for more information on your landscape....

I know of a firm nearby that recently got bought out by a US firm,and they use VPN on their SAP Systems.. For obvious reasons, I do not have access to how they did it...