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Transport Logs Dev > Quali > Production

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Hi All,

Is there any table where I can look at the transport logs of transport . For instance if i transported ECDXXXXX >Q>Production. I want to see the log. (Transport Logs Dev > Quality > Production). Well I know I can check trough the Tcode SE01,SE10 and so but interested in a table when I can check for multipul transports.



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I do not think there is a table which contains these details.

However you can use ChaRM of Soluton Manager to have this kind of details

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Thanks Man. I never used CHARM before ? Can you let me know how this works ?

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There is no tables as such, where the logs are maintained. What suggested above on Charm, is the SAP Solution Manager tool for managing the transports. I am not sure how is the interface of Charm, the tool which I know (Realtech) similar to Charm, shows the list of transports along with the systems to which it has been migrated, you can check the transports logs of each one of them with a click. But this is something you need to buy and implement in your system.

I hope this is the kind of solution you are looking for.