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Transport issue on new datasources and their new application component node

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I created a new application component node and new datasources in CRM dev system. It's a CRM 701 system and no BW system is linked to it, because the datasources will be used by BusinessObjects Data Services to extract CRM data.

When creating/editing the node and datasource, the system didn't prompt for transport request. I tried tio transport them by selecting each datasource in RSA6 or RSA8 and clicking on the truck icon (Transport). The system displayed "Transport successful". But I couldn't find the datasources in the Q (test) system. The ROOSOURCE table in the Q system didn't have an entry for the datasources.

I wasn't sure if correct package was used for node and datasources. As suggested in another question/answer, in RSA8, I selected each datasource and clicked the Object Directory icon. The system prompted for package and transport request. Then the object directory got transported, but not the node and datasources. Then I changed a datasource to see if it would ask for a new transport request, but it didn't.

I saw note 382471 where manual transport of appl comp node is described. Is manual the only way? How do I find out the name of the application component hierarchy and how to manually add the datasources to transport?

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Hi Jhon,

Check the note : 339118



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The piece list was set correctly.

I mistakenly created 2 threads for the same question. Please follow the other thread: [;.

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