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Transport hung and running for long time - Tried most options

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Dear All,

  1. Transport hung and running for long time. And I could able to see the below logs .

(DB0KK906395.QAS is already in use (1020), I'm waiting 5 sec (20140831231754). My name: pid 4112 on)

  1. I’m able to find multiple tp process at OS level and I’ve killed all and even restarted the sap but no luck .
  2. tp updated to latest .
  3. In the /tmp, I can see the transport which I’m trying to import . But when I tried to delete it gets recreated as it should be .
  4. I’ve renamed the buffer , refreshed the STMS queue and tried to add back the transport and tried reimporting but the import monitor shows Main_import running for long time .

  There are no >LOB files in the /tmp folder .

5. RDDIMPDP is running , TRJOB and TRBAT are empty . No Sm12 locks .

Attached is the screenshot , Request your help asap as  we are in the middle of testing .



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Kill the TP process

Delete the file which is mentioned in the log file that says "in use"

Connect to the SAP system and call Tx STMS - Select the system and then select the "Import Monitor" for that system.

Delete the TR entry from there.

Start the transport again.

Also read this SAP note

12746 - WARN <file> is already in use (), I'm waiting 5 sec