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Transport Error

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Post Author: aakarnik

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I receive an error as "unable to retrieve cluster members. Transport Error:Communication Failure"

When I use "business View Manager" from client machine to connect to BO-XI Server.

I have specified the port -requestport 6416 in CMS because I want to use the Request port other than default port, the default port in 6400.

In Crystal Mgmt Server Properties in Command option.

ServerName\C$\Program Files\Crystal Decisions\Enterprise 10\win32_x86\CrystalMS.exe" -service -name DEVSRV.cms -noauditor -requestport 6414

There is a firewall in between SERVER and CLIENT m/c and the Port No 6416 is opened on the Server and Client m/c as well as on FireWall.

I would like to know does it uses the other dynamic PORTs to communicate and how can I able to check the flow of communication between client m/c and BO-XI Server for publishing the report .

Pl assist and revert...


Abhijeet K.

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Post Author: lprikockis

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We seem to have a very similar problem-- though the solution you propose above hasn't worked for us. I've also tried the steps outlined in KBase Article 6861263 to no avail. Here's the deal: Our Crystal Report XIR2 Server is at a remote hosting facility behind a firewall (rules are set to allow any connections on any ports between machines on our LAN and this server). We can connect to the web interface (hostname:8080/businessobjects/enterprise115/admin) from machines on our LAN. However, any attempt to connect via Designer results in the dreaded "transport error".I'm guessing that the problem has something to do with the fact that the server's hostname on our LAN resolves to an externally routable ip address for the server, while on the server's remote network, that hostname necessarily points to the local private ip for the server. e.g.:client (CR Designer) firewall CR Serversystem: | system: ( | (yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy) on the CR server side, I've added the various -port yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy settings to the various server startup commands. Can anyone suggest how I can get Designer to connect to the server through the firewall? thanks

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Post Author: mhall

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I donu2019t know the answer to your question, but I wanted to post my solution for the Transport error, because I was not able to find the solution in this forum.

Our Business Objects XI R2 enterprise is installed on a Windows 2003 server. Our workstations are Windows XP Pro.

After installing and configuring our environment, we were not able to login using the Crystal Reports XI R2 designer application.

We tried every combination (computer name, IP address, with or without :6400) to no avail. Each time we would get the following error: Transport Error Communication Failure

It was determined that the reason we had this issue was because our server has 2 NIC cards.

To resolve this issue, we went into the Central Configuration Manager. We modified the following 3 services: Central Management Server ; Input File Repository Server ; Output File Repository Server.

First we stopped each service so we could edit the Command Field in the properties view.

When you cursor into the command field and hit your end key, you will see by default that the command line ends with u2013name computername.cms u2013restart

We edited this line to add the IP address and port as follows: -name computername.cms u2013port u2013restart

(Obviously computername is the actual name of your computer as displayed in the upper right hand corner of the Central Configuration Manager and represents the actual IP address of the server).

Note that for the Central Management Server service, we added u2013port into this line.

However, for the Input & Output File Repository Server services, we simply added u2013port into this line. We did not specify the port in this case.

After making the change, the services were restarted.

Note that by doing this, we had to make a few changes to the way we logged into the different components of Business Objects. Here is what we had to change.

Component: System Field:

Crystal Designer Client computername:6400

Central Management Console computername

CMS web interface, administrative tools server IP address

This solution may also work if you have a firewall between your client machine and your server, but I am not sure.