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Transport Error - How to correct that.

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I have a transport which failed with error "There is no Datasource with this Transfer Structure".. I think I have included a wrong Transfer Structure.

Now I want to correct this and give it for QA move again. How do I go about that.

How do I correct this in the Transport request ? or Do I need to create a new Transport req altogether.

Thanks you

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Answers (3)

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Hi Ren Nai!

Please replicate the data source concerned first before you import the transfer structure, transfer rule and communication structure. Please dont forget to select the flag REIMPORT the objects before you start the import again.

If it doesnt help, then you might have included the wrong transfer structure.

Once the transport request released, you wont be possible to change it. But you can use INCLUDE the object from the old on in the new request.

Hope it helps!



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once a transport request is released you canot change it.

you shoud either create a new req with the 2 obj or just the missing one and import to Q the new one and then the previous.

its the same, do what is easier.



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I recommend creating a new request. If a transport has been released it is difficult to change its content and if you make a mistake in the change its even more difficult.