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Transport Error : Extract structure is not active

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Hi All,

I'm getting the following error in doing transport of the data source for InfoObject , I've checked the Export Data source in the Info Object also.

Extract structure /BIC/CE80RPM_BUGUM is not active

The extract structure /BIC/CE80RPM_BUGUM of the DataSource 80RPM_BUGUM is invalid

Extract structure /BIC/CE80RPM_BUGUT is not active

The extract structure /BIC/CE80RPM_BUGUT of the DataSource 80RPM_BUGUT is invalid

Errors occurred during post-handling RSA2_DSOURCE_AFTER_IMPORT for OSOA L

Pls help me in case you know the way to transport.

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (2)

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Hi ,

I' ve tried this , but getting the same error again ,

when i go to rsa2old , enter data source name , then click on extract structure , I'm getting this error :

/BIC/CE80RPM_BUGUM does not exist Message no. E2503 Diagnosis

The object does not exist. System Response

The object does not exist in the database and cannot be displayed.

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Hi Ajay,

did u tried moving all the dependant object first or did u transported everything in ur transport or not?

I can see that the data mart elements(objects) were not transported in ur case!!!..

Let us know what are all the elements that u have transported in ur failed request...!!!! and what are u trying to acheive with this trasport.. as this is belongs to the changes or u are trying for the first time..


Hope this helps

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Replicate your datasource:

Go to transaction rsa13 and under your BW system right-click and replicate Datasources.

After that go to transaction se38 and execute the report RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL with the following parameters:

Source System: The Source system where your 80RPM_BUGUM is created (i believe is your BW MySelf System)

InfoSource: The InfoObject that is receiving the 80RPM_BUGUM datasource

Transport it again.

Assign points if helpful.