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Translation not works

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In my project, there is an entry in the message pool, which is translated to other languages as well.

If I logged in German, for some entries I couldn't see the translated message but messages only in English

Can anyone tell me what would be the issue here?



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Answers (3)

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Hello SubbaRao Chinta,

very nice to give the same answer like i did in a new post how useful!!!

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Hi Balachandar P,

After you have done everything, you need to change the browser language in order to make them work out.



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Check You Follow This Procedure

The following steps explain how we can achieve the I18N in webdynpro applications. The requirement is we need the language specific texts for themessages, labels and tooltips of webdynpro application. Please see the attached

Excel document that it gives the corresponding Japanese text for English text.

You can also refer the link:

  The webdynpro application should be opened in Package Explorer. 

Windows- à show

view--- à Package



the packages for each and every view also for the message pool there is a

corresponding .xlf file is present.


that file and place in the same package with the name like

u201C.wdview.xlf u201C


indicates that we are doing the Translations for

Japan country. We need to create

this XLF file one for each country with different country code.


the newly created file in the XLF Editor and modify the language as

Japanese.  Take the language specific text from the excel sheet given

by the client and       paste in the editor.

Save the changes.


the application.


the browser language settings to the corresponding language before we run

the application.

Check You Follow Above Procedure While Developing Application.I Think After Changing .xlf files You Save Project.And After Open Webdynpro Perspective You Reload And Rebuild Project.

Pointa Are Welcome


SubbaRao Chinta


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so you have made a copy of the messagepool.xlf and .proppertys file and added _de after the filename?

Like this:

Original: messagepool.xlf messagepool.propperties

Copied: messagepool_de.xlf messagepool.propperties

Now you have to edit the new messagepool_de file in the editor in your NWDS and change the language to german, after that you switch the tab and translate all the texts inside this file.

Save it build it, be happy

kind regards