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Transformation versus look up logic

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In which business scenarios do we need to go for look up logic even when transformations are available?

(Would be convinient if you can give some real time examples.)

What is the advantage of one over the other in BI?

Will award points if it helps.

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Answers (2)

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Transformation is done in transfer rule level....where you define how the target field will be populating for the input data source field..

Look up you use in update rule to check with existing data in BW.....for example some vendor account details is comming from R/3 but you don't want to load all the information but only for those vendor who are present latin america....than you will check the 0VENDOR master data lookup for( vendor name and location) if available than corresponding records will be loaded...

Hope you are clear now...


Tripple k

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Hi Reenu,

The simple example is Master Data Read.

If you are doing simple master data read in transformations or update rules you can go for Simple Rule Type.

And if you need to do some some conditional master data read you have to go for Routine nothing but a look up logic.